We have built a track record of supporting top 10 event organizing companies, helping them understand and enhance ROI from their events. For B2B event organizers we provide a comprehensive solution across all stages of event life cycle. Our services are custom designed to meet specific needs and requirements that you as an event organizer would have from time to time. We specialize in elucidations that transform your relationship with your exhibitors.

Services offered to Media Industry

Prospect Data Build:

We use our know-how and proprietary technologies to build you the right contact data on delegates, visitors, sponsors and exhibitors, with all the data attributes that you need. More importantly, the data does not come from a canned, ageing database – we build the data specifically for your requirements. This means that you only get valid and valuable prospect data that is highly accurate.

Database Cleansing:

Data ages and ages very quickly. This impacts marketing efforts and eventually event ROI. We ensure reusability of your data by refreshing and cleansing it. We do all this efficiently using our research know-how and proprietary technologies. And we do this efficiently and in alignment with your event calendars.

Target Audience & Sector Profiling:

We help our clients identify relevant audiences and expand their target universe of prospects. We support our clients by using our research competencies and zero in on the universe or segments that may have been hitherto untapped. We deliver relevant insights that help our clients make decisions that aid growth and profitability.

Sales & Lead Generation:

We combine our sales process expertise, transition methodologies, technology and 24*7 global reach to help our clients achieve event sales targets. We execute end-to-end sales campaigns for many of our clients and for others we support them with qualified leads that can be acted upon by client sales teams.

Voice of Customer and Polls & Surveys:

Events and conference organisers partner with us to engage with their prospects and/or attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to survey the target audience. We collaborate with clients to build questionnaires and execute surveys over phone, email and web.

Audience Engagement:

We support our client audience engagement initiatives to deliver value to their customers. We have supported our clients with lead generation and matchmaking campaigns for their sponsors and exhibitors. We have helped build and empanel communities and expert networks that communities can leverage for learning and problem solving.

Strategic Decision Support:

We help our clients enter new markets, launch new products, expand and evolve their existing information products, study brand perception or benchmark against competition. We leverage our business research expertise and deliver the insight that facilitates strategic and tactical decision making.