To bring our vision to reality we follow a three pronged strategy; dynamic business model, high level of responsiveness and leverage employee skills.

Our business model is flexible and easily adapts to the changes in the marketing world. The dynamic nature of our business model helps us deliver customized solutions and meet- and often exceed – client’s expectations High level of responsiveness: Our dynamic business model is supported by our high level of responsiveness to client feedback. We believe in clear communication and quick implementation. Leverage employee skills: Database Interactive believes in bringing the best out of a person. We offer an open platform to our team members to share ideas and implement innovative methods to achieve improved results. We also hire employees based on specific project requirement to ensure the best quality.

Database Interactive ensures that every marketing dollar you spend is targeted at the right person by offering a 100% guarantee that not only the contact information is accurate, but their role and title meets your requirements.

Why to Choose Us?

  1. International Standard of Information Security
  2. Multi-Layer Validation Process for Web | Voice
  3. Advanced Quality practices for High Marketing Effectiveness
  4. High Contact Accuracy within the Service Level Agreement
  5. High Client Retention
  6. Deliverable becomes clients’ intellectual property
  7. Invoicing only on the Satisfactory and Accurate Results
  8. For more information on developing an opportunity generation or sales program that optimizes your sales and marketing ROI.
  9. Global Coverage